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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Latest Safeguarding tips

    Click on the below link for more information

    25th March 2019

    Make a family agreement for esafety:

    25th February 2019

    Esafety conversation starters:

    25th January 2019

    Please see attached link that references headset talk in games like Fortnite and FIFA, how parents can change settings to limit this activity.

    14th January 2019

    Esafety conversation starters:

    20th December 2018

    The E-Safety Christmas Gift Guide.

    This guide has been written by The eSafety Office of the Australian Government and is packed with top tips and suggestions to troubleshoot any e-safety issues that may arise this Christmas with new technology coming in to your home. 


    We hope you find this useful and if you need any support with solving problems online, with games or managing device use, please contact Mr. Faulder through the school office and he can point you in the right direction for advice and solutions.


    Merry Christmas,

    Marc Faulder

    20th November 2018

    Screen time boundaries

    20th October 2018

    Net Aware is a guide to the social network children use.  A good link for parents.