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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Who's Who

    Teaching Staff:

    Mrs Jenny Cook Head Teacher

    Mrs Debbie Wallace

    Mrs Karen Lee

    Foundation Stage                         SMSC/Eco

                                                               PE Coordinator

    Mr Marc Faulder Foundation Stage                         Computing Coordinator

    Mrs Aileen Hamblett

    Mrs Gemma Wragg 

    Year 1/2                                           RE/PSHE and School Council Coordinator

                                                               Art and Design Technology Coordinator/DT/Eco

    Miss Courtney Miller Year 1/2                                         
    Mrs Jane Harding Year 1/2                                          Assistant Head - Assessment

    Miss Natalie Houghton

    Mrs Kellie Langdown

    Year 3/4                                         Assistant Head - Curriculum

                                                             Science Coordinator

    Miss Lorna Hunter

    Mrs Kellie Langdown

    Year 3/4                                         Geography/History/Pupil Premium Coordinator

                                                             Science Coordinator                    

    Mrs Cathryn Ahearne Year 3/4                                         SENCO
    Mrs Angela Sanchez Year 5/6                                         Music/RSE and EVC Coordinator
    Mr Jon Smith Year 5/6                                         Maths Coordinator
    Mrs Lucy Brodie Year 5/6                                         English Coordinator
    Mrs Rosie Odell  French                                           MFL Coordinator

    Teaching Assistants:

    Miss Kathryn Rycroft  
    Miss Fliss Robbins  
    Mrs Jodie Rickards  
    Miss Amanda Craig  
    Mrs Teresa Kelly  
    Miss Lorraine Collishaw  
    Mrs Claire Banks  
    Miss Lesley Darcy  
    Mrs Sheila Robinson  

    Mrs Laura Carr

    Mr Thomas Holmes Assistant Sports Coach
    Mr Reece Martin-McCarthy Care Assistant

    Office Staff:

    Mrs Wendy Haywood School Business Manager
    Mrs Karen O'Hara Finance/Admin Assistant
    Mrs Charlotte Devereux Reception/Admin Assistant
    Mrs Sue Barratt Finance/Admin Assistant
    Mr Simon Appleton Site Manager

    Lunchtime Staff:

    Mrs June Stevens Cook Supervisor
    Mrs Debbie Johnson Kitchen Assistant
    Mrs Donna Wiser Kitchen Assistant
    Mrs Julie Bools Kitchen Assistant
    Miss Linda Woolley Midday Supervisors
    Mrs Allison Lowe  
    Mrs Sylvia Hatton  
    Mrs Michelle Stubbs  
    Mrs Kim Strong  
    Miss Lauren Kendrick  
    Miss Lesley Darcy  
    Mrs Angela Fyfe  
    Mr Tom Holmes - Assistant Sports Coach  
    Miss Lorraine Roberts
    Mrs Melanie Witham  
    Miss Lily Haywood  
    Mrs Susan Brierley  

      Mr Simon Appleton - Sports Coach