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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School




    This intervention is usually straightforward to implement but sometimes the following may arise:

    What do I do if the app isn’t responding?

    Double tap the home button, close the app by swiping up on the thumbnail image of it, and restart the app.

    What do I do if a child is absent?

    You can reschedule the session for that child later in the day or week.

    What happens if a child finds a specific activity too challenging?

    If a child has attempted a quiz several times and again with your support, it is okay to move the child to the next topic. They can come back to attempt that quiz at another time. 

    What to do when a child needs to leave early?

    Record this in the session log.

    What happens if a child wants to stop in a session?

    If a child wants to stop in a session, giving them a few minutes break can be good. Encourage them to return and continue learning with the app. If they really want to leave the session, record it in the session log, and try again in the next session.

    When I open the apps, only Level 1 is unlocked. The rest of the topics show padlock symbols. How do I unlock them?

    You have installed the wrong version of the apps. You need to purchase the licenses for an install:

    Maths 3-5, For Schools

    Maths 4-6, For Schools

    I have the correct versions of the apps installed but they do not load past the 'onebillion' launch screen. What can I do?

    Please ask your IT Support to follow this advice:

    For the app to function correctly, it needs to access the internet to check on available languages and download new content if required. The URLs that the app needs to connect for this are as follows:

    The following URLs are also necessary for the app to connect to the iTunes Store for purchases or restoring topics:

    For more information on how to setup a Wifi Firewall while using iOS apps, please follow this link.

    Some schools have advised that turning off Wi-Fi whilst using the apps allows them to load due to the way your caching server has been configured.