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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Task Checklist






    Identify, and familiarise yourself with the set of iPads that you will be using for the intervention.


    Check where the key is kept for the storage of the iPads.

    Check that the iPads are charging correctly.

    You will need to collect and return the iPads for each session of this intervention.



    Label the iPads from 1 upwards so that you, and the children, recognise which iPad to use.


    This will help children to get started quickly.



    Download these apps:

    • Maths 3-5, for Schools
    • Maths 4-6, for Schools

    You may need to ask your Computing Leader or Technician to downloaded the apps. If so, request that support now.

    Maths 3-5, for Schools and Maths 4-6, for Schools are developed by onebillion. 

    The Wi-Fi settings at your school may block the downloading of apps.

    Please request support from your Computing Leader or Technician when downloading the apps.




    Timetable the use of the iPads.

    Meet with your Computing Leader or Technician and the Class Teachers to identify when you will need access to this set of iPads.

    You need to know when you will be implementing this intervention in the school day/week.

    We recommend you run this intervention for 4 out of 5 days each week. Each session should last for 30 minutes.



    Arrange a Senior Leader Observation once or twice during the 12-week intervention. Download the Senior Leader Checklist in advance of the observation. This is to ensure delivery is as intended by the training.