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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Summer Term Courses

    The Computing Curriculum: Create with iPad

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    Apple Distinguished Educators Marc Faulder and Tom Konsek will talk to Computing Subject Leaders and Teachers about iPad and the Computing curriculum. This meeting will cover information and communication skills of the Computing PoS in the National Curriculum.

    Marc will share his school's progression for the 'Create and Communicate' element of the Computing subject and Tom will demonstrate ways he is using iPad apps to teach these skills. 

    You will learn how children can use iPad to create their own images, publish their own books and articles, tell compelling stories with presenations and collect data then represent findings in charts and graphs.

    The Computing Curriculum: iPad and the Early Years

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    Join Apple Distinguished Educator and Early Years Teacher Marc Faulder in this one hour seminar exploring technology's role in the new Early Years framework.

    Suitable for Early Years teachers and Computing subject leaders, this presentation will explain the hows, whys and whats for using iPad in the Early Years. Find out how a curriculum for Computing can begin in the Early Years by applying iPad to the Characteristics of Effective Learning through purposeful use as recommended by Julian Grenier.


    The Computing Curriculum: iPad and Coding

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    Join Apple Distinguished Eductaor and Computing leader Marc Faulder in this one hour seminar for Coding and Computational Thinking. Learn how you can use the free Everyone Can Code curriculum guides to teach the coding skills of the Computing subject using iPad.


    The Computing Curriculum: iPad and online safety.

    Monday 21st June - 4.30 - 5.30pm - FREE - ONLINE

    Join Apple Distinguished Educators Marc Faulder and Tom Konsek as they share ways to use creative tools on iPad to open up discussions about online safety in Key Stage 1 and 2. Download free resources that they have created linked to Internet Safety schemes and best-selling children's stories such as PENGUINPIG and MONKEYCOW.

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    ipad network (Day 3 of 3)

    Now Online.


    By attending this network you will:  

    • have a better understanding of what best practice with iPad and apps looks like; 
    • know how to manage iPad devices effectively; 
    • hear about new features for education in iOS updates, learn more about iPad curriculum resources and use the Apple Teacher professional development tool. 


    Now in its fifth year, the iPad Network will continue to develop the use of iPad devices in teaching and learning. This network not only shares best practice in the computing curriculum, it develops the use of iPad and apps across all subjects and key stages. The network is planned and delivered by Marc Faulder, an Apple Distinguished Educator and aims to ensure you make the most of your iPad devices in school.  


    Use iPad devices to support learning and teaching through:  

    • selection and deployment of apps; 
    • addressing technical issues related to iPad devices in the classroom; 
    • sharing good practice and networking with colleagues. 

    Booking Information

    This is day three of a three day network. You will be charged for all three events. Please ensure you book the second and third days separately.  

    Find out more here.