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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Home learning

    Using the menu on the right, you will find a range of home learning tasks for each year group. 


    Fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics 

    Sing along

    Mrs Sanchez has created a sing along Powerpoint if you would like to join in! Click on the link at the bottom of the screen.

    Road Safety Education Team

    The Road Safety Education Team have sent some resources to encourage children to play safely at home. Their message is simple – gardens are the place to play at the moment, not pavements or the road. You will see from the worksheet at he bottom that they have covered issues like running into the road after a ball and also covered some key vocabulary used in road safety.

    BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

    The BBC have created some videos and online activities for each year group. Click the link below if you want to have a go. 

    Reading Books

    Oxford Owl have some free e-books available which can be matched to reading ability. 

    Time Capsule

    Why not have a go at creating a time capsule using the activities below to support you.