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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Home Fest

    Home Fest

    Some of our wonderful parents are hosting an online festival on the 24th of April called "Home Fest". They are raising money for the elderly to have a cooked dinner and each meal will hopefully have a letter attached from a child at Burton Joyce Primary school.

    During this time the elderly really need some interaction with the outside world to help keep them going and a letter from a child will really lift their spirits and encourage them to stay at home and to let them know that they can get through this.

    If you would like to write a letter/create a picture follow the guidance below:
    *Letters need to start with "Dear Friend" so that they can be given to either a man or a lady.
    *It can just be a letter to let them know we are thinking about them. It could have a funny joke in there, It could be a story or a poem. We would love to see some colour to brighten them up a bit.
    We have teamed up with age concern, who look after many people with in the Gedling borough district.
    We have got an old bin that will be put outside the school near the gate on Padleys Lane entrance. We will put a bag in it so that people can keep their letters safe. It will be collected on the 24th of April. Then we have to leave it for 4 days for decontamination until we can deliver the letters.
    An event page is currently being created for people to join in Home Fest and a link will be sent soon. 
    Thanks very much for your support.