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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Getting Started with the Apps





    Before Installing the onebillion Apps.

    There are 2 maths apps that you will use in this trial:

    Click the titles above to view the apps in the App Store.

    These apps have been developed by the UK non-profit onebillion. To find out more about onebillion visit When installing these apps and unlocking the content, onebillion advise that you check your internet firewall settings will allow for their content to be downloaded in your school.

    Please ask your IT Support to follow this advice:

    For the app to function correctly, it needs to access the internet to check on available languages and download new content if required. The URLs that the app needs to connect for this are as follows:

    The following URLs are also necessary for the app to connect to the iTunes Store for purchases or restoring topics:

    For more information on how to setup a Wifi Firewall while using iOS apps, please follow this link.

    After Installing the onebillion Apps.

    The apps should be installed on all of the iPads that have been assigned to the intervention in your school. You can add multiple children to each app on an iPad. Children need to use the app and iPad assigned to them each time they take part in this intervention. It is a good idea to label the iPads so that children can identify which iPad is theirs to use. They will select their name on screen to access the learning materials each day. When they first log in to their profile on the app, the virtual teacher greets them and takes them to the module they were last working on.

    Maths 3 – 5 has 10 topics

    .Sorting and Matching

    Counting to 3

    Lines and patterns

    Counting 4 to 6

    Where is it?

    Counting 7 to 10

    Patterns and shapes

    Counting 1 to 10


    Adding and taking away



    Maths 4 – 6 has 18 topics

    Shape and position

    Counting to 20


    More counting

    Telling the time

    Add and subtract

    Count in tens and fives

    How tall, how long?

    Count to 100

    2D shapes

    Number lines


    Weigh it!

    More number work

    3D shapes

    Measure time

    More + and -

    How much can it hold?

    Within each module, there are up to seven activities and a quiz. When children complete an activity within a topic they will be rewarded with a star. Children need to complete all of the activities before they can access the quiz. When they answer all 10 quiz questions correctly, they will be rewarded with a certificate for the topic at the end of a completed quiz. You will need to record when a child receives a certificate in the session log, as described below.

    If a child does not pass the quiz, try repeating the quiz with them and repeating the questions to them yourself. If they are still challenged by some quiz questions, the child may need practice the topic further by working through the activities again. This can be independently or with support from the adult running the intervention.

    When a child completes a quiz, you will need to record which topic they have passed in the paper session log, as described below.

    To register children on the apps

    Each child uses the same iPad every session. You need to register each child to the app on the iPad assigned to them. Multiple children can be registered to the same app on the same iPad if need be.

     To register a child:

    ·       First open the app.

    ·       Tap the pencil button and answer the multiplication question.

    ·       You can now type the child’s name.

    ·       Tap the + button.

    ·       That child has now been registered to the app on that iPad.

    ·       You can now add another child if need be.

    Please note: Each child must use the same iPad for each session. You register a child to that iPad app. The registration does not sync across iPads. You may wish to label the iPads so children know which is theirs.Multiple children can be registered to a single app. If this is the case, you will need to stagger the daily sessions as smaller groups so each child can take their turn using their assigned iPad.