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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School


    We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced experience in accordance with the National Curriculum. Our school teaches all the National Curriculum subjects, together with R.E. and Health Education, PSHE and RSE. The National Curriculum subjects being English, Mathematics and Science as core subjects and History, Geography, Physical Education, French, Music, Art and Computing as Foundation subjects. All subjects are taught individually so children can grasp the key skills and knowledge for each subject.

    In addition to the above subjects, we focus on children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development (SMSC) through enriching the curriculum in a variety of ways, including involvement in the local, national and international communities.

    Our curriculum design consists of each mixed year group having an overview that runs over a two year cycle.

    Each subject has a 'Curriculum elements document' that allows teachers to clearly see the design of that particular subject and how we intend to teach this throughout school. Some subjects such as History and Geography have a 'Lens' element, the idea is that children will approach those subjects through the eyes of a geographer or a historian using a subject specific lens. These lens' contain the disciplinary concepts for that subject.

    Each subject also has a one page summary and a detailed word info document so it is clear how that subject is taught at Burton Joyce Primary School. Alongside these documents there is also a termly overview and a progression map so it is clear what is being taught in each year group and how knowledge and skills are built upon in each year throughout school.

    Our aim is to allow children to deepen their knowledge within each individual subject and encourage them to access specific skills linked to each subject. In school we are using Knowledge Organisers and spaced retrieval techniques such as mini quizzes and online quizzes performed over a period of time to ensure children are applying the knowledge and skills learnt to deepen their understanding and have the confidence to make links between their learning. 

    Early Years Foundation Stage for Reception Children

    The Reception class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. At Burton Joyce Primary School our curriculum begins in Reception. Our curriculum for Reception children is ambitious, broad and balanced so that children learn more about their local area and personal history. Each half term there is an enquiry question and children start learning early skills for all subjects. The knowledge they learn in Reception builds as they move through Key Stage 1 and 2.

    At the start of the year children in Reception have a baseline assessment which is used to measure progress as children make progress in their first year of school but also for the whole primary phase. Throughout the year, children are assessed as ‘on track’ or ‘not on track’ using the Early Learning Goals. The skills and knowledge in these area are organised by 7 areas of learning:

    Communication and Language

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    Physical Development



    Understanding the World

    Expressive Arts and Design

    The curriculum we teach covers more than this assessment and our topics and enquiry questions will give children plenty of opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that are assessed within the Early Learning Goals. Parents receive termly reports to show their child’s progress towards these goals.