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Burton Joyce Primary School

Burton Joyce Primary School

    Autumn Term Courses

    Introduction to iPad: Wednesday 27th September

    4.00pm – 5.30pm, Burton Joyce Primary School


    Today, you will experience how iPad can open up new, engaging ways of teaching and learning. You’ll learn how to Get Started With iPad, Work With iPad, Explore Learning Resources and how to Go Further.

    Later in the session, you’ll see how the Apple Teacher Programme can help you develop the skills needed to deliver powerful learning experiences with iPad in the classroom. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn some Apple Teacher badges before the end of the session.

    You Will Need:

    Reserve your free place to this introductory course to iPad here.

    Enabling Environments

    iPad and the Early Years, Monday 16th October

    4.00pm – 5,30pm, Burton Joyce Primary School


    This is a bespoke workshop for early years teachers and leaders. You will understand how to use to iPad apps in Maths and English whilst progressing technology skills throughout the school year. This practical session will also showcase children’s work from a Foundation 2 class and you will build understanding of which apps to use in continuous provision areas and why.

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    Spring Term Courses Preview

    Coding with Swift Playgrounds

    Today we will be looking at how the iPad can develop the essential learning skills of problem solving and computational thinking through coding. Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app that gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to code. Code powers everything around us. When you send an iMessage on your iPhone, code sends the message. And, when you want to use find out directions to the cinema, code powers the instructions and directions from Apple Maps.

    This practical workshop will guide you through how to use the Everyone Can Code curriculum in Key Stage 2. Explore the free teacher guides ‘Learn to Code 1 & 2’ and work through a lesson plan. See real examples of children’s work from a Year 6 and ask questions to teachers who have used these resources. You will also get hands on time with the free Swift Playgrounds app, writing your first lines of Swift code!

    You Will Need:

    • Your iPad
    • Swift Playgrounds app installed (free)
    • Learn to Code Teacher Guides 1 & 2 downloaded (free)
    • SeeSaw app installed (free)
    • To enrol your personal Apple ID to the Apple Teacher Learning Centre